Here is my story: I have over 30 years of business and career development experience. In addition, I hold a Doctor of Philosophy in Organization and Management, a Master of Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, through practical experience and education, which has led me to a Coaching career.Upon reflection, I realized I had lost sight of my dreams and aspirations in dedicating much of my time to assisting people and non-profit organizations to achieve their objectives. I overlooked what was essential to me, my interests, and my necessities, resulting in my health taking a hit. I gained weight, my metabolic syndrome numbers escalated, and I faced sleepless nights due to significant health issues.

Recalling my previous achievements, such as completing my education, global travel, and indulging in gourmet food, offered me perspective. These accomplishments were all a result of setting and pursuing personal goals. Reflecting on past achievements, I looked back on my last objective - to evolve as a motivational speaker on the TEDx stage and as a DEI author.

Revisiting and shifting my goals opened the door for new learnings, networking opportunities, and insightful mentors. My mentors, whose guidance and accountability have been instrumental in my professional journey, offered me much-needed support.

Concerns about weight gain and metabolic syndrome led me to consult my primary care physician. I also sought to understand more about plant-based nutrition, a program Kaiser provides. Soon, I was on the road to recovery… I lost weight and understood that I come first – that’s right, I come first. And I am an 87% plant-based eater. Almost there.

Why Coaching: For over four years, I served as President of a non-profit organization. I have dedicated 14 years of my career to being a business professor; seven of those 14 years are spent in the Prison Re-Entry Program with Folsom Lake College at Mule Creek State Prison. I've also spent over 30 years managing teams in numerous sectors - large corporations, educational institutions, and government. All this has given me invaluable experiences, and shifting to being a Business and life coach is fulfilling and allows me to be present in the moment while serving as a servant leader.